<![CDATA[iMPact Business Group: talent_showcase]]> http://TALENT.IMPACTBUSINESSGROUP.COM/ en-us <![CDATA[Scott (Supply Chain Director)]]> Scott (Supply Chain Director)

- Twenty-five years of hands-on work in various supply chain management disciplines.

- Extensive experience in supply chain system design, integration and execution.

- Uses system enhancements and process improvements to deliver significant cost reductions

- Extensive experience designing/modifying transportation networks, managing over-the-road drivers, and day-to-day load execution

- Detailed analytical skills which are used to identify short-comings and conduct gap analysis

- Ability to create programs and management tools to address identified areas of concern

- Deep supply chain management skills in transportation, inventory management, and procurement - Strong communication and presentation abilities

- Team player willing to do whatever is required to accomplish a goal

- Analytical, energetic, organized and creative

- Effectively manage multiple projects, meet deadlines and show results

- Developed significant database, reporting and data mining skills to allow for more advanced supply chain analytics. The results: Significant operational improvements, higher profits, increased revenues, and enhanced customer service.

- Family--Wonderful wife and five nearly-as-wonderful kids

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<![CDATA[Daniel (Security Analyst)]]> Daniel (Security Analyst)

Successful track record in maximizing and protecting a company s investment in information technology. Extensive experience in public accounting, networking, systems administration, and information security. 10+ years of network experience with education and certifications in MCSE, CNE, CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), EnCE (Encase Certified Examiner) finance, accounting, and information assurance
Transition from accountant to system administrator to information security
Accounting and e-mail system implementation while transitioning from Novell to Microsoft servers.

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<![CDATA[Lindsay (Director of HR)]]> Lindsay (Director of HR)

Lindsay is a strategic, data-driven HR Leader with diverse background that includes both business partner and Centers of Excellence experience for a combined 12+ years in HR. Passions include developing diverse talent, driving clear communications with teams to support change management, and encouraging deeper business strategy conversations.

  • 10+ Years of HR Experience
  • Large Manufacturing Company Experience
  • Management of Multiple Locations
  • Strategic Planning & Budgeting
  • HR Analytics & Reporting
  • Employee Engagement & Relations
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Onsite Investigations (Manufacturing)
  • HR Compliance & Reporting
  • Recruitment
  • Process Improvement & Implementation
  • Masters Degree, HR & Industrial Relations
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<![CDATA[Daniel (General Manager/Plant Manager)]]> Daniel (General Manager/Plant Manager)

Results oriented manufacturing business leader, with over 20 years of positively impacting profits and increasing company performance in a global environment. Driven to reduce costs, utilizing expertise in lean manufacturing and continuous improvement. Leverage exceptional interpersonal skills with a focus on establishing strategic, mutually beneficial partnerships.
Decertified a union in Michigan
Utilizing many Kaizen events and full implementation of 5S was able to create enough floor space and lean the operation enough to in-source an operation that was out-sourced to save the company $2,000,000 per year.
Increased ship on time complete from 45% to 98.7% in 3 months.

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<![CDATA[Clarisse (Financial Analyst)]]> Clarisse (Financial Analyst)
  • Organized and goal-oriented, with more than 5 years' experience in project management and a strong customer focus.
  • More than 10 years operations support experience including Inventory Management and Material Control, Production Planning and Scheduling.
  • Demonstrated success in assessing and resolving complex operational and production problems, able to anticipate issues and create new systems that streamline operations, resolve concerns and improve efficiency.
  • Skilled in building excellent rapport with clients and team members. Able to see the big picture, delegate effectively and motivate team members to achieve on-time project completion. Team player with the proven ability to motivate and train others as well as partner with clients, vendors and internal partners to achieve critical outcomes.
  • Conceptualized, centralized, trained, launched and economized the Custom Part process which enabled Customer Service to provide custom parts for customers in two weeks versus the initial six week standard.
  • Provided ongoing IT Project Management for the Caribbean s largest single-phase hospitality investment in history the Baha Mar was an unprecedented resort development shifting the sands of global tourism Located in Nassau, The Bahamas, the $35 billion development slated to open in 2014.
  • Initialized requested for quote packages for all low-voltage specification, development and installation management, software applications and hardware solutions.
  • Created budgets and schedules for overall systems design and implementation/construction.
  • Coordinated brand requirements for the entire campus to ensure compliance with global brand standards.
  • Evaluated, researched and resolved delays contributing to $25M in past due payments from customers.
  • Correction of $1.8M price discrepancies on a monthly basis.
  • Improve financial status by analyzing retroactive price corrections; monitoring variances; identifying trends; recommending actions to management and resolving past due payments to vendors and ensuring stop ship reductions.
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<![CDATA[Rashed (Service Business Mgr/Plant Mgr)]]> Rashed (Service Business Mgr/Plant Mgr)

I have miscellaneous Industry experience since 1990 - determining feasibility of buying products and establishing price objectives for contract transactions with a healthy margin. Advocating continuous improvement through lean manufacturing systemic methodology and assisting with six sigma tools and DMAIC to reduce waste.
Designed a special street light with iconic theme with Solar application and Electric. Gained a US design patent CERTIFICATE: US D846,172 S (EXPIRES APRIL 2034).
Completed a mathematical algorithm of a magic squares numbering system 101 x 101 at Grand Valley State University with a presentation in 2010.
Started a consulting business "Taher & Associates, LLC".

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<![CDATA[Igor (Advanced Engineer/Operations)]]> Igor (Advanced Engineer/Operations)

If the Company looking to go above and beyond in welding fabrication, then I can make a difference by establishing processes for cost reduction and increase quality Relevant background: Advanced knowledge ( PhD in Welding Technology) with 25+ years of firsthand experience in building and leading engineering and technical teams for the development and implementation of welding processes that improve quality and up-time and reduce cost Ability to reduce time and costs in development of new products by optimizing the product design for planned processes Engineering and quality innovator with a strong track record of patenting ( 5 Patents, 2 Trade Marks), manufacturing, and implementing efficient welding processes and equipment Project leader with a systems mindset to assure successful product and process designs, on-time/on-budget launches, and profitable production

Professional Skills:
* Product Design for Welding
* Process Development
* Process FMEA
* Quality Control
* Spot Welding
* Laser Welding
* Robot Programming
* Fixture Design
* Team Management
* Patents, Publications 

Led the Fronius CMT process development, automated welding tooling design and development, PPAP, PFMEA, and quality control of weldments for a new bariatric bed resulting in the on-time and on-budget lunch of a $3M Fanuc MIG Robotic line.
Increased tensile strength by 60% in Honda Odyssey welded floor panels at Honda Sayama Assembly Plant (Japan), by developing new (MIG +TIG) Welding process with OTC Daihen Robotic Welding System.
Led the growth from a start-up to a $20M global enterprise of a welding equipment manufacturer PLT NA Inc., by inventing new welding technologies, building engineering team, establishing manufacturing of welding equipment, and developing global markets.

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<![CDATA[Ted (Engineer)]]> Ted (Engineer)

Career History Summary: Personal goal to affect change and improvements in operating processes, procedures and practices throughout an organization with the intent of increased efficiency, communication and cooperation which results in tangible, measurable improved performance metrics. Team development is paramount in driving accountability and excellence in overall performance and job satisfaction at all levels of the organization. Considered a change agent by management by working across disciplines to resolve systemic issues that impact the organization Business Acumen Directed Business Unit activities for a major OEM customers

- Managed customer negotiations, overall program execution and customer satisfaction

- Developed key processes for improved transparency of performance and program execution.\

- Engineering VP of Product design / engineering responsible Expertise in manufacturing processes, design / engineering solutions, root cause analysis and quality systems.

- Responsible for global core engineering teams: Design, Dimensional Management, Engineering, CAE/FEA, Airbag System Safety Manufacturing Director of Operations of Electronics Manufacturing Plant

- Responsible for Manufacturing Engineering process and equipment design and development

- Product and process root cause analysis

- Quality Engineering responsible for developing quality strategy and performance metrics

- Expertise in multiple technologies including: injection molding, vac-forming, foam in place, welding, scoring methods, stamping and assemblies

 - Quality Developed launch planning strategy gate based management approval process Quality Business Management System corporate guidelines to provide standard methods of operating within all corporate departments

- Achieved IATF 16949 certification by redeveloping all corporate processes and procedures

- Business processes Global PLM change management and PDM data management Global Development Launch System and Database

- Created standard methods for functional group deliverables

- Additional actions outside of direct responsibility Initiated training mentoring committees for: CMM programmers, Launch Managers, Technical Managers, Manufacturing employees technical training, Safety systems Established employee enrichment committee with Corporate HR Co-chair Purchasing, HR, Sales, Operations and Engineering Kaizen activities to improve overall performance for the company. 

Graduated BS Chemical Engineering from Michigan Technological University
Married a wonderful woman
Raised two amazing children

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<![CDATA[James (Director of HR)]]> James (Director of HR)

Director of HR with 15+ year of experience

Strong with:

  • Strategic HR Planning
  • Comp & benefit plan design
  • Talent acquisition
  • HR Policy and Program Design
  • Project Management
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<![CDATA[Mark (Plant/Operations Leader)]]> Mark (Plant/Operations Leader)
  • 20+ years of Automotive industry experience
  • Budgeting & Strategic Planning
  • Project Management & Product Launch
  • Cost Reduction
  • Leadership & Team Development
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Continuous Improvement Initiatives
  • Program Launch
  • Plant Layout Optimization
  • Plant & Operation Management
  • Bachelors in Industrial Management
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<![CDATA[Gary (Sr. Quality Engineer)]]> Gary (Sr. Quality Engineer)

10+ years of Quality Engineering experience in Tier 1 automotive

  • Bachelor’s in Manufacturing Engineering Technology
  • Developing quality systems
  • APQP processes
  • Gage designs and R&R                 
  • PPAP approval processes
  • Proficient in problem-solving and root cause analysis
  • Able to digest complex dimensional layouts and turn them into tooling line-ups  
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<![CDATA[Rob (Process Tech)]]> Rob (Process Tech)

10+ years of plastic injection molding processing experience

  • Tier 1 automotive experience
  • Proficient with UBE, JSW, Kraussmafeii molding machines
  • Yushin and STAR robots
  • Thermoset, thermoplastic and rubber
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<![CDATA[FP&A Analyst]]> FP&A Analyst

Public accounting background with 3+ years of Financial analysis experience in a multi-billion dollar West MI manufacturer

  • Financial planning & budgeting
  • Financial analysis
  • GAAP
  • Audit
  • Accounting
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<![CDATA[Sr. Cost Analyst]]> Sr. Cost Analyst

10+ years of manufacturing cost accounting/analysis experience

BBA, concentration in accounting

  • Excellent knowledge of coordinating, monitoring, and participating in monthly, quarterly and year-end accounting procedures
  • Financial reporting
  • Fixed Assets, general ledger
  • Cash-flow management and modeling
  • Organized, highly motivated, and detail-directed problem solver.
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<![CDATA[Manuel (Mechanical Design Engineer)]]> Manuel (Mechanical Design Engineer)

Manuel is a highly experienced Mechanical Engineer with a strong background in furniture and design. He is looking for a new opportunity after he was recently laid-off from Steelcase due to company-wide cuts. He has extensive experience working with furniture, electrical, tooling, jig and fixture design, along with hands-on experience in welding and custom fabrication. He has strong Solidworks skills and is looking for an opportunity to stay busy and work within a great company. His skills expand well beyond just the furniture industry, he worked with SoundOff Signal for six years where he developed LED lighting for emergency vehicles.

Strong with:

  • Solidworks  ~ Creo/Pro-E ~ AutoCAD ~ MasterCAM
  • Furniture
  • Welding ~ Custom Fabrication ~ CNC Operations
  • GD&T
  • Prototyping
  • New product launch
  • Bilingual (Spanish)
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<![CDATA[Pedro (EHS Manager)]]> Pedro (EHS Manager)
  • 15+ years of tier 1 & metal stamping experience
  • Environmental, Health & Safety Standards
  • Policy & Procedure Development & Implementation
  • Performing & Preparing Audits
  • ISO, TS, Federal, State, & Local Compliance
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Development & Management of Safety Teams
  • Reduction & Elimination of Safety Hazards
  • EHS Reporting & Oversight for 5 Locations
  • Employee Training & Development
  • Lean Activities
  • Maintaining C.I. Action Plans
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<![CDATA[Ron (EHS Manager)]]> Ron (EHS Manager)
  • 10+ years of EHS Management experience within large manufacturing organizations
  • ISO 14001 Standards
  • Audit & Compliance
  • Risk Assessments
  • SPCC, SWPP, Tier II, & TRI Reporting
  • Policy Development & Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Process Improvement & Implementation
  • Safety Inspections
  • EHS Program Management & Development
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<![CDATA[Karen (Sr. Quality Engineer)]]> Karen (Sr. Quality Engineer)
  • 10+ years of Quality experience within large, global organizations
  • Quality Standards
  • ISO 9000
  • Compliance & Audits
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Product Launches & Prototypes
  • Corrective Action
  • Cost Saving Initiatives
  • Customer Relations
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<![CDATA[Michael (Cost Accountant/Financial Analyst)]]> Michael (Cost Accountant/Financial Analyst)
  • 4+ years of experience
  • Cost Accounting & Standards
  • SOX Compliance
  • Financial Analysis & Reporting
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Variance & Cost Analysis
  • General Ledger & Journal Entries
  • Reconciliations
  • Month, Quarterly & Year End Processes
  • Experience with Oracle, Sharepoint, BPCS, Infor EAM, & Excel
  • BBA in Accounting, emphasis in Managerial & Cost Accounting
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<![CDATA[Matthew (Retail Management / Manufacturing)]]> Matthew (Retail Management / Manufacturing)

- 21 years in the retail management sector

- 10 years supervisor in manufacturing

- HVAC cooling certified

- Moving to Auburndale Florida the week of labor day would be an asset to your company

- Number 1 in overall production at the buk Gonzales site

- No lost time accidents in 10 years with byk

- Promoted in less than 6 months to backup supervisor

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<![CDATA[Dana (Technology Technician)]]> Dana (Technology Technician)

A technology professional with extensive experience creating, coordinating and managing projects including, ITIL, Change Management procedures, scope, timelines, budgets, resources, risks, and deliverables. Strong written and oral communication skills and successful track record working with teams, clients, and all levels of management. Core competencies include: Microsoft Office Microsoft Project Database implementation Software deployment Office 360 Microsoft Windows Business Process Model (BPM) Remote troubleshooting Hardware deployment Excellent communication skills SQL 2005 & 2008 SharePoint administration Product analysis Incident prioritization Project management (Agile & Waterfall) Training & support Change Management WebEx & Remote support Client communication Support Documentation Team leadership Microsoft Visio

Recording, and preparing Field Force Management Process and Procedures for internal employee training material. SharePoint Administration duties as assigned ranging from document management, assigning user access and weekly audits of expired process documents. Preparing Statement of Work (SOW) purchase orders for internal billing & third party vendors, (Accenture, TAG International, and Microsoft). Tracked Project plans, milestones and scope changes for IT Operations team. Coordinated all UAT Testing data for weekly and monthly crystal reports. Weekly IT Validation Systems analysis generated for Project Managers & Business Analyst. Creation of the software development life cycle process under the SDLC platform. Utilizing a Veeva CRM based tracking system to monitor, audit and run crystal reports for projects as assigned. Daily Vitalize Incident/ticket, Problem, Change, Release, Configuration, Request and Knowledge Management modules updates to third party vendors and stakeholders. Daily & monthly SharePoint maintenance and report generation. Effectively and cooperatively working with cross-functional teams, including external partnerships and vendors. Daily project management and organization skills with a high attention to detail. Display strong customer service with business partners, matrix teams as well as internal Field Force Management team members. Meeting multiple deadlines daily to deliver on competing high profile requirements while working independently in a fast changing environment. Daily communication and negotiation with third Party Vendors & Internal stakeholders. Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) maintenance of existing & future projects. Interactive Visual Aid content Manager for new release files and documentation. Other duties assigned by Director of Field Force Management and Operations Manager.
Defect logging and tracking of projects using JIRA. Lead and coordinate all technical tasks to support test team and test phases including but not limited to: Preparation for testing (Id s, test data, instances, integration runs, files ready, etc.). Execution of technical areas for testing. On-going support to provide data to test team for validation Etc. Prioritization of technical defects and coordination across work streams for resolution Coordination with Retain vendor for solution/resolution for technical defects, and implementation for PwC. Manage the project manager s schedule and ordering of deliverables.

Primary responsibility is a standardization Windows 7 project converting all Windows XP Desktops, Tablets and Laptops to Windows 7 for All Children s Hospital, Out Patient care centers. Provided any and all services and support to the project manager throughout the entire process. Supervised a team of 6 Windows 7 PC technicians through PC deployments scheduled by the Project Manager. Ordered and overseen the configuration and delivery of reimaged PC s, Laptops and Tablets. Replaced all network equipment for each location. Manage the project manager s schedule and ordering of deliverables. Process communication and paperwork for internal conversion from beginning to end. Daily status calls to Sr I.T. management staff on progression of Windows 7 Migration Project. Communicate with programming team for client specific updates and database implementation. Supervised 6 PC technicians during hardware imaging process. Responsible for hiring and terminating technicians based on project need. Assisted with installing and configuring hardware, software and user access via Active Directory. Provided Active Directory modifications as needed. Provided support for hospital staff throughout Windows 7 migration. Other duties as assigned by Sr. I.T. Management and Project manager.

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