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Eleven years in total of Continuous Improvement experience from multiple industries. Two years dedicated to the role of Continuous Improvement Manager with Tyson Foods. Three years dedicated to the role of acting Program Manager of the Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) department at Fleet Readiness Center Mid-Atlantic site Pax River (MD, Navy). Experienced in directing teams and projects specializing in Lean, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints, Toyota Kata, 6 Step Problem Solving, and other Continuous Improvement models. Responsible for managing and implementing a project pipeline based on strategic goals. B.A. in Organizational Management from Ashford University, IA. Certified LSS Black Belt (University of Wisconson-Milwaukee). Degrees and Certifications- IACBE accredited Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management degree from Ashford University, IA. Certified LSS Black Belt (University of Wisconson-Milwaukee) Safety & Health Level One General Industry Certificate (MIOSHA) Certified Supply Chain Technical Expert (AGI, Avraham Y. Goldratt Institute). Certified Yellow Belt Trainer (NAE). Certified Facilitator (AchieveGlobal).
As a Continuous Improvement Manager at Tyson Foods, I was successful in implementing a Hoshin Planning methodology for fiscal year project planning and completion. Our Plant reached a 90% project completion rate. This is an improvement from 50% the prior year.
While working as Operations Focus Factory Manager with Aspen Surgical, Within the first three months, eliminated the top products back order (Surgical Kittner) resulting in full safety stock supply. This was a $300K backorder reduction accomplished through both process and training improvement.
During my enlistment in the U.S. Navy, I had the opportunity to fill an Officer billet as Acting Division Officer for Continuous Process Improvement Department (AIRSPEED). During this tour, I was responsible for designing and implementing a strategic plan for Continuous Process Improvement for the Department of Fleet Readiness Center Mid-Atlantic Site Pax River. This included training 226 military, civilian, and contract personnel in Yellow Belt curriculum, resulting in a 98.7% training completion rate for command personnel.

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<![CDATA[Michael (CFO)]]> Michael  (CFO)

Held many positions through my career. My work history shows a steady growth of experiences and responsibilities. I understand the concerns of a bookkeeper, the pressures of a CFO and being a CPA who helped develop a successful CPA practice, I can relate to the challenges of ownership and company management. These experiences allow me to be put into most any work situation where, being a self motivated individual, I can produce immediate results. Also, having been a team leader on Certified Audits and in house accounting departments I can work with individuals so they can feel they are an important part of the company. I am very organized and pay great attention to detail. I do have CPA certification but it is in the State of Michigan. I am a permanent resident of Florida.
I along with two other individuals, developed a CPA practice that grew from a staff of 3 to 51 individuals, at that time we were ranked among the largest CPA firms in the State of Michigan. In addition to overseeing audit, I was also responsible for all administrative functions
AS a corporate CFO (having left the accounting firm for a position as CFO in a manufacturing company) I developed an department staff of 5. I also implemented a job cost system
Although there are other business accomplishments, I take pride in that, along with my wife, we raised a family of four children. Family is very important to me.

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<![CDATA[Elle (Finance Executive)]]> Elle (Finance Executive)

Experienced executive-level professional with extensive background in matching financial goals with business strategic direction, positive business turnaround, savings, and successful KPI outcomes. Strong leader in developing teams dedicated to the mission, strategic goals and growth of companies and organizations. Value-adding and diverse background in business, finance and accounting, law, real estate. Experience in various industries, including public accounting, government, hospitality, law firm, nonprofit charity, nonprofit education, real estate, college teaching and career counseling.

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<![CDATA[Laurent (Business Development Executive)]]> Laurent (Business Development Executive)

I have been helping high-growth companies exceed aggressive sales targets for over a decade by training sizable sales teams to employ effective consultative and solution selling techniques to win new business opportunities in competitive markets. The success that I've achieved throughout my career can largely be attributed to my expertise in the following areas:

- Strategic Planning & Forecasting
- New Business Generation Revenue & Profit Growth
- Consultative & Solution Selling
- Cross-Functional Team Leadership
- RFP/RFQ/Sales
- Cycle Management
- Presentation & Proposal Development
- Contract Negotiations
- Employee Training & Development
- Performance Management
- Continuous Process Improvements

Grew Pacific Insight Electronics revenue by more than 100% in less than 4 years. Built the US team from 5 people to 23 associates
Got Pacific Insight to the preferred Supplier rank with Ford Motor Company
Broke into Tesla Motors as a complete interior lighting full service supplier

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