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Big 4 public accounting experience.  CPA, MBA.  Global and Domestic Finance Leader

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<![CDATA[Sr. Analyst / FP&A Manager]]> Sr. Analyst / FP&A Manager

Budgeting, Forecasting, Advanced Modeling.  Expert in Excel

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<![CDATA[Controller]]> Controller

Global accounting, analysis.  Big 4 Public Accounting experience.  CPA, MBA

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<![CDATA[Dan (Scrum Master/Agile Coach)]]> Dan (Scrum Master/Agile Coach)

My background is ideally suited for a company who is interested in experience.  Throughout my career I have worked in a variety of capacities which have turned me into an agile leader that understands obstacles and how to define and drive business delivery and intelligence solutions.  I find it to be crucial that I have a thorough understanding of the needs of an organization, both present and future.  Some of the critical and most successful aspects of my career have been analysis and organizational efficiency through proper staffing, coaching, leadership, effective reporting and a cohesive work environment for all levels of peers and employees.


In addition to my extensive experience, I hold a M.S. in IT Management, a B.S. in CIS, PSM and multiple Graduate Level Certifications, including Project Management, DB Management and Systems Analysis and Integration.



  • Agile & Project Management
  • Analysis and Management
  • Database
  • Application & Web Development
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<![CDATA[Kevin (COO)]]> Kevin (COO)

COO / President / General Manager / International / Strategy / Six Sigma High Tech Software Scientific Medical Global Non-Profit Real Estate I offer a record of restructuring domestic and global multisite operations driving high productivity and bottom-line performance. A committed leader inspiring large teams to exceed targets and deliver dramatic results. As a business partner, I build trust by calmly steering expansion and consolidation through cycles of economic uncertainty. Have experience setting up, hiring, and directing sub contract manufacturing, supply chain and strategic procurement organizations throughout the US and Asia. I cut my teeth in operations as an 8-year-old at my father s capital equipment company, tagging along to executive meetings at Ford, GM and others. Growing up around manufacturing engineers, creative solutions for efficiency and cost cutting are in my DNA. Besides operational effectiveness, my father instilled in me this central tenet: Successful negotiations happen when both sides of the table win. While driving efficiencies at global companies, I ve served as an Advisory Board Member for Oracle (eProcurement and Enterprise Procurement) and the Gerson Lehrman Group (High Tech and Supply Chain).
Transformed tactical procurement group into a streamlined global strategic enterprise team with >$1B in spend. Consolidated fragmented commodities, leveraged global requirements, and delivering 33% in bottom-line cost reductions.
Led 20-member matrix team at semiconductor company through global sourcing overhaul. Introduced first geo-based strategies for sub-contract manufacturing & material management that measurably drove down costs and increased margins.
Delivered $28M in bottom-line savings, achieving 330% to goal at Fortune 500 computer hardware company.

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<![CDATA[James (CFO)]]> James (CFO)

I am first and foremost a creative problem solver. Specific accomplishments include negotiation of debt forgiveness, placing new debt for an insolvent company, participating in industry specific lobbying efforts to re-write sales tax law and selling companies to strategic buyers. I am a detail oriented analyst. By that I mean, not only can I create worthwhile financial analysis, I dig deep to arrive at recommendations that are transformative to the business operations. Specifically I helped develop an inventory tracking system that was years ahead of the competition. I helped create significant cost savings by slightly reducing size and weight of our advertising products. I am a developer of staff and teams. I am diligent about regular reviews, follow-through of those reviews and creating action plans for improvement. I have found the best leadership method is to give clear goals and get out of the way. In order to give clear goals one has to be conversant in the tasks necessary to reach those goals. It is this specific attention to detail that makes a good leader. I have passed all parts of the CPA exam although I am not currently licensed. I have scored 37 on a timed Wonderlic test. In an untimed test I scored 49 of 50
If we don't assume the accomplishments are limited to professional accomplishments, then raising two children who are contributing members of society is number one. As for the number 1 professional accomplishment, lobbying to re-write the Florida Administrative Code changing sales tax law in Florida is first.
Negotiating the sale of an insolvent company to a strategic buyer and the related steps leading up to the close was a significant accomplishment. Had I not prevailed upon lenders to give us credit and not prevailed upon vendors to hang with us, 150+ people would have been out on the street four years earlier. Through my efforts we were able to continue to pay good employees who kept their households afloat until the economy improved.
Worked with a dynamic team to radically improve revenue, volume and margin resulting in a sale to a strategic buyer for 10x EBITDA in 2005.

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<![CDATA[Wayne (CPA)]]> Wayne (CPA)

Wayne is a hard worker, very savvy with Microsoft Excel and large ERP systems.  Exposure to both large and small GL’s.  Available for contract or permanent employment.

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<![CDATA[Eric (Finance Manager / Controller)]]> Eric (Finance Manager / Controller)

Eric is a well-rounded Financial Manager with over 20 years of experience primarily in the Manufacturing industry

  • Financial Planning, Analysis & Reporting
  • Forecasting & Budgeting
  • Month & Year-End Processes
  • Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable
  • Product Costing & Cost Analysis
  • Fixed Asset Reporting
  • General Ledger & Journal Entries
  • SOX Compliance
  • Tax Filings
  • Leadership & Management
  • Process Improvement & Implementation
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<![CDATA[David (IT Director)]]> David (IT Director)

I believe that technology is about people. I am passionate about leveraging technology to build connections with customers, clients, peers and leaders. I prefer to be in a conference room working with a team of talented, passionate people resolving a technical challenge, than tucked away in my office banging away at a keyboard in solitude. I am a connoisseur of excellent customer service. I take great pleasure watching great service in action, both when I experience it first hand and when I see it presented to other individuals. I deeply admire organizations that have a sincere, genuine commitment to the experience they share with their customers. I regularly find myself taking notes and pulling those experiences into my day-to-day routines and using those insights to develop myself and my team into the same Customer-Service-Machines that I so admire. I am a proud, life-long geek. From the time of first Commodore 64, to my data centers builds, to my latest Apple Watch I have been highly motivated by where technology can take us, the ways in which it can improve and enrich our lives, and quite frankly the crazy amount of fun we can have with it. I have built Information Technology teams from the ground up, merged existing technology teams into cohesive units, and helped transition IT teams into new organizations through merger/acquisitions. I am experienced in the challenges of geographically dispersed organizations and have successfully built strong teams across multiple locations. I have experience with working with PCI and HIPAA data. I also have experience in a broad range of IT disciplines with a successful history managing teams including System Administration, Network Engineering, Information Security, Service Desk, Field Services, Application Development - Web, Application Support and Project Management.

  • Through effective collaboration, analysis and leadership I improved the operation of the Service Desk, Field Service and Software Support Engineering teams, resulting in faster resolution and increased customer satisfaction while handling 26,000+ requests per year.
  • Identified the need for and then led the implementation of improvements to the Information Security posture for my organization through the implementation of Dell Secure Works, Carbon Black, Information Security Awareness Training and improved internal IT procedures.
  • Led the Information Technology implementation in building of a new 1000 seat call center from design to groundbreaking, through build-out and then finally through occupancy. This included working with construction teams, cabling vendors, network engineers and business stakeholders. Successfully delivered the project ahead of schedule and under budget.
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<![CDATA[Don (System Administrator)]]> Don (System Administrator)
  • Cisco Nexus switching: Nexus 3k, 9k, and some 7k in both layer 2 and 3
  • Cisco UCS: Using UCS since 2009 in various capacities. Between 2013 and 2018, I ran a development lab consisting mostly of UCS hardware and VMWare.
  • UNIX/Linux: Most recently I worked on systems based in Redhat/CentOS and Ubuntu appliances. I have significant experience with Solaris, HP-UX, and AIX as well though this is not recent.
  • BASH, Python, Java, C#, VisualBASIC: I have worked with all these languages though mostly bash since 2002.
  • EMC VNX, VNX2, Unity, VNXe, and Isilon: I have worked with this equipment since joining EMC. Since 2013, I ran a lab containing many examples of this hardware used to develop cloud solutions.
  • VCE VxRail: I have implemented and maintained all models of VxRail since the inception of the product line.
  • Brocade DS, VCS/VDX and ICX: I have worked with Brocade equipment since 2010. This has been primarily on the VDX line of 10Gb and 40Gb switches though I have worked with the ICX switch line and the DS SAN switch line as well.
  • Arista: I was responsible for implementing Arista switching in EMC’s Data Compute Appliance.
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