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Big 4 public accounting experience.  CPA, MBA.  Global and Domestic Finance Leader

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<![CDATA[Sr. Analyst / FP&A Manager]]> Sr. Analyst / FP&A Manager

Budgeting, Forecasting, Advanced Modeling.  Expert in Excel

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<![CDATA[Controller]]> Controller

Global accounting, analysis.  Big 4 Public Accounting experience.  CPA, MBA

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<![CDATA[Dan (Scrum Master/Agile Coach)]]> Dan (Scrum Master/Agile Coach)

My background is ideally suited for a company who is interested in experience.  Throughout my career I have worked in a variety of capacities which have turned me into an agile leader that understands obstacles and how to define and drive business delivery and intelligence solutions.  I find it to be crucial that I have a thorough understanding of the needs of an organization, both present and future.  Some of the critical and most successful aspects of my career have been analysis and organizational efficiency through proper staffing, coaching, leadership, effective reporting and a cohesive work environment for all levels of peers and employees.


In addition to my extensive experience, I hold a M.S. in IT Management, a B.S. in CIS, PSM and multiple Graduate Level Certifications, including Project Management, DB Management and Systems Analysis and Integration.



  • Agile & Project Management
  • Analysis and Management
  • Database
  • Application & Web Development
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