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Accomplished Product Manager and Supply Chain Analyst looking for a career change.
Improved accuracy and visibility of promised ship dates to online customers by writing business requirements and managing/driving project to completion.
Effectively managed highly complex RF Distribution 3rd party product portfolios with over $70M in yearly revenue.

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<![CDATA[Adam (Engineer)]]> Adam (Engineer)

I am a quick learner with a diverse background that includes supervisory, engineering, and accounting roles. I am able to create opportunities for improvement, think analytically, and to develop a vision for my department.
Chosen to represent United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) for Readiness Challenge VI in 1996. 1 of 36 from a pool of several thousand.
Stepped into one of the most critical Engineering roles within Herman Miller during a time of great need for the company and became the top Manufacturing Engineer for the wooden casegoods department.
Worked with an outside firm to develop the ability for MS Visio to write to an SQL file, allowing data to be extracted for the order entry process without need for a modeler to write code for new products.

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<![CDATA[Matthew (Finance Manager)]]> Matthew (Finance Manager)
  • 8 years of “big 4” public accounting experience straight out of college
  • Strong experience with mergers and acquisitions
  • Budgeting & forecasting
  • Audit
  • Customer facing personality
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<![CDATA[Chris (Supply Chain Professional)]]> Chris (Supply Chain Professional)

Chris is an experienced Supply Chain Professional looking to relocate to Grand Rapids as him and his wife recently purchased a home in the area. In his current role, he purchases machining, stamping and rubber components, as well as implement Continuous Improvement and cost-savings activities. He prides himself on his problem-solving skills and ability to work within a cross-functional team and is looking for a new challenging role. Is this someone you may have interest in?


  • Manages $62 million in annual acquisitions of machining & sub assembly commodities
  • Tier 1 automotive
  • Continuous Improvement, Cost-reduction
  • SAP
  • Implementing global pricing system
  • Negotiations
  • Data collection projects
  • Shipment planning
  • Reporting system, running
  • Measuring performance metrics
  • Bachelor’s degree in Integrated Supply Chain Management from Western Michigan University
  • Targeting $70k+
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<![CDATA[Jeff (Financial Executive)]]> Jeff (Financial Executive)

I am a Financial executive who's driven excellent profit growth for global companies, such as Procter & Gamble and Amway, across the US, Western Europe and Central & Eastern Europe. I have also used best in class financial techniques to drive sustainable profitability at Design Design, DJ's Landscape Management and with my clients at DWH (Financial consulting). What I do is drive higher sustained profits through an effective mix of financial & strategic planning and financial analysis to increase sales and cut waste out of the value chain. I bring value by working in partnership with my financial team, other senior corporate leaders and multi-functional teams to maximize profits while remaining accountable to all corporate stakeholders. EXPERTISE Financial Planning & Analysis and Budgeting Strategic Planning & Implementation Leadership of large and small organizations Increasing business unit profit via a combination of increased sales and firm cost control Financial Reporting & Performance Improvement Capital Planning & Efficient Asset Utilization Talent Recruitment, Development, Mentoring, Retention and general HR experience Effective Use of Internal Controls & GAAP IT Management and Financial Control Supply Chain Finance
Initiated and led development of first-ever strategic plans and SG&A budgets as CFO of two privately owned Grand Rapids firms.
As multi-subsidiary CFO of Procter & Gamble Central Asian Republics, Balkans and West Africa, led analysis of complex options for sourcing product to Central Asian Republics, factoring in production cost and quality, import duties, distribution expense and time in transit. Reduced COGS 10%, freight 20%, import duties 10% and inventory days 17%.
As subsidiary CFO, led major cost restructuring in Procter & Gamble Nordic, resulting in 25% downsizing (40% in F&A) and office relocations in 4 countries. Increased net after-tax profit by 200%.

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<![CDATA[Jennifer (Purchasing Agent)]]> Jennifer (Purchasing Agent)

Jennifer is currently a Purchasing Agent/Logistics Leader with the company she has been with for over ten years. She is the only purchaser at her company and is responsible for around $240 M annual spend, sets up contracts, manages vendors, and has three direct reports from Shipping & Receiving. She works to champion Continuous Improvements projects for purchasing and completes supplier RFQ’s and scorecards to reduce costs. She enjoys purchasing and sources materials such as raw steels, gases, inserts/drills, castings, supplies for shop or anything else that is used in the facility.  


  • Purchasing Raw Materials (i.e. raw steel, gases such as helium/oxygen/propane, castings, shop supplies)
  • Annual spend $240 M +
  • Contract set-up
  • Vendor Negotiations/Management/Relationship Building
  • Management
  • ISO Auditing
  • Continuous Improvement ~ Cost reduction
  • Supplier RFQ’s/Scorecards
  • Inventory Control
  • Corrective Action
  • Budgeting
  • System 21 ~ AS400
  • Shipping & Receiving
  • Bachelor’s in Business Management from Davenport University
  • Targeting $60-65k
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<![CDATA[Drew (Supply Chain Professional)]]> Drew (Supply Chain Professional)

Drew is an experienced Supply Chain professional who recently left his employer in Chicago to relocate to Grand Rapids. He was employed with a large biopharmaceutical company that manufactures drugs like Humira, where he went through a three stint rotational program which allowed him to become a very well-rounded Supply Chain professional. He started his rotational program in the manufacturing plant where he was responsible for Continuous Improvement projects for distressed inventory and material destruction, scheduling/planning process, analyzed and automated the Master Production Schedule lock process, and performed inventory cleanup for distressed inventory for bulk and commodities. The next step of his rotational program was to be in an area where he had no prior experience, he worked with packaging and was responsible for executing packaging for Human Factors programs for development and launch of product packaging globally and managed vendor relationships. In his final and most recent position, he was responsible for leading the execution of global artwork for pipeline products, coordinated and executed assurance of supply analysis for global pipeline products, and developed and managed risk mitigations based off pipeline products risk assessment.


  • SAP
  • Vendor relationships
  • Supply Analysis
  • Risk Assessment ~ Risk Mitigations
  • Forecasting
  • Managing budgetary requirements
  • Financial status reporting
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Process Improvement
  • Inventory cleanup
  • Production Scheduling
  • Analyze and automate production schedule
  • Bachelor’s in Supply Chain Management from Michigan State University
  • Targeting $60-70k
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<![CDATA[Trish (Project Manager, PMP)]]> Trish (Project Manager, PMP)

Senior Technical Leader managing $25 million ($25M) plus of departments, programs & portfolios of projects with cross functional and remote teams numbering 200+. Consistently & successfully deliver a variety of technology and business environments: large complex application development, integrations, migrations, infotainment, COTS, infrastructure, department turn-around, lean executive and more. Delivering on time and in budget, impacting the bottom-line with predictable positive return on the investment (ROI)! My forte is Program and Project Management of large complex technical development and integration. The key to success in Management revolves around the three C s of Project Management: Communication, Communication, Communication. All stakeholders, involved in the programs I manage always clearly know what is expected, from whom and when. Former managers have told me that they appreciate my creativity, epecially as it pertains to problem solving and continuous improvement. I have a recommendation on Linkedin that specifically calls out my creativity. Clients have applauded my get-it-done approach. I remove roadblocks and ensure that tasks, issues and problems get assigned to accountable folks instead of just some department.
$20 Million Cost Save Program for United Healthcare. Managed a portfolioof health care initiatives using Client s PMI based program & project practices. Program responsibilities include: governance, project intake, vetting, establish budget, scope, timing. obtain project priority & staffing and organize project teams. Lead and mentor project managers. Monitor status & budgets. Provide monthly financial forecast, earned value report (EV) and executive summary reporting on all programs. Guide high budget programs/projects through multiple additional tollgate reviews and process requirements within the UHC project arena (quality, ITIL, security & compliance, PMO, financial, architectural reviews, socialization and release.) Manage remote teams (200+): client, business leaders, users, project managers (40 or more), application executives and leads, finance managers, test leads and more. Programs and projects included extensive application integration, mental health, annual subscriber out-of-pocket from multiple providers, customer web portals, CMS, claims processing, pharmacy applications, anti-fraud and infrastructure upgrades, to name a few. Agile development processes. Provide continuous improvement. HIPAA, SOX and health care reform compliance. Vendor management.
Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, PMP certification Lean Certification
Thought Leader: Author and speaker on large program/project management and leadership. Consulted as expert for trade journals. Contributor to corporate blogs

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<![CDATA[Bruce (Project Manager)]]> Bruce (Project Manager)

Pro-active Professional partnering with business leaders/colleagues translating business requirements into well-defined plans that have clarity to achieve goals. Strong Financial/Business/Strategic planning acumen. Credible, assertive communicator operating with a "no surprise" approach. Actively manages and directs activities. Conscientious, detail oriented keeping scope of big picture in sight at all times. Unflappable, works well under pressure, excellent communication. Unique ability translating business/technical terminology to simple, non-industry specific language. Goal oriented with extensive experience motivating teams developing/mentoring members to succeed. Successful track record of leading high-performing teams utilizing best practices providing high level team performance. Proven expertise in conflict situations re-aligning teams to deliver objectives on-time and within budget. Broad knowledge of technology with solid technical skills. Record of successful large-scale enterprise level implementations with extensive experience architecting/engineering design/building of data center(s) and IT Infrastructure, DB builds, storage, DR, and BCP. Strong Project Manager following formal project management practices utilizing mature, proven methods. Extensive IT experience in Systems Engineering/Design, Project/Portfolio Management, & Operations Management. Well experienced with Infrastructure, Application Development, Data Management, Network designs/implementations, building/implementing/migrating LAN/WAN/MAN, DMZ s/Firewalls (ports/IP s/DNS), Security (Cyber Hardening). Active project/portfolio management experience providing guidance/leadership for full life cycle (SDLC) initiatives. Extensive exposure to Waterfall/Agile/Scrum project methodologies and IDLC/SDLC lifecycles & processes.

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<![CDATA[Brett (Network Administrator)]]> Brett (Network Administrator)

I have a broad generalization as one that fixes problems, I inquire until I can offer a resolve.
Office 365 Implementation Multiple instances.
Network Administration. Organization in the group infrastructure of active directory.
Procurement of new technologies for Network growth.

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<![CDATA[Yasmin (Finance & Accounting Professional)]]> Yasmin (Finance & Accounting Professional)

Finance & Accounting professional with 18+ years of experience.

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<![CDATA[Peter (Sr. Business Analyst)]]> Peter (Sr. Business Analyst)

A professional, approachable, hard-working Senior Business Analyst (SBA) with extensive experience working in the USA and UK, utilizing Agile, UML, SDLC, RAD, JAD, Waterfall, Iterative, Data Flow Diagrams, Entity Relationship Diagrams, BPMN, ecommerce, EDI, Conceptual and Data Modelling. Experienced, knowledgeable in requirements elicitation, process modelling, user acceptance testing. A strong leader with exceptional relationship management skills at all management and vendor levels. Personal Attributes Project/ Lead/Senior BA who thrives on the completion of difficult challenges with confidence, promoting a can do culture throughout all levels of the business structure. Understands the importance of achieving targets and increase client satisfaction. Disciplined and passionate with drive, integrity and collaborate confidently with clients and vendors. Highly effective communication skills and meeting facilitation.
Responsible for resolving the Identity Management issues at PwC
Obtaining a Honors Degree
Passing all of my Air Traffic Control, both written and practical, the first time throughout my career with a 86% average.

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