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James (CFO)

Sarasota, FL Category: Finance & Accounting Employment Type: any

I am first and foremost a creative problem solver. Specific accomplishments include negotiation of debt forgiveness, placing new debt for an insolvent company, participating in industry specific lobbying efforts to re-write sales tax law and selling companies to strategic buyers. I am a detail oriented analyst. By that I mean, not only can I create worthwhile financial analysis, I dig deep to arrive at recommendations that are transformative to the business operations. Specifically I helped develop an inventory tracking system that was years ahead of the competition. I helped create significant cost savings by slightly reducing size and weight of our advertising products. I am a developer of staff and teams. I am diligent about regular reviews, follow-through of those reviews and creating action plans for improvement. I have found the best leadership method is to give clear goals and get out of the way. In order to give clear goals one has to be conversant in the tasks necessary to reach those goals. It is this specific attention to detail that makes a good leader. I have passed all parts of the CPA exam although I am not currently licensed. I have scored 37 on a timed Wonderlic test. In an untimed test I scored 49 of 50
If we don't assume the accomplishments are limited to professional accomplishments, then raising two children who are contributing members of society is number one. As for the number 1 professional accomplishment, lobbying to re-write the Florida Administrative Code changing sales tax law in Florida is first.
Negotiating the sale of an insolvent company to a strategic buyer and the related steps leading up to the close was a significant accomplishment. Had I not prevailed upon lenders to give us credit and not prevailed upon vendors to hang with us, 150+ people would have been out on the street four years earlier. Through my efforts we were able to continue to pay good employees who kept their households afloat until the economy improved.
Worked with a dynamic team to radically improve revenue, volume and margin resulting in a sale to a strategic buyer for 10x EBITDA in 2005.

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